The following list of articles are just a few accounts of millions of sex slavery and trafficking incidents happening in our world. We each spent 10 minutes researching CURRENT events relating to sex slavery and these are are only a small fraction of the articles we found. If we, as a people, do not see this as a problem then we truly are blind to chaos. It is a horrific realization that women and children from so many countries are being sold, bought, beaten, kidnapped, raped, tortured, trafficked, and abused right before our eyes.

Help for Trafficking Victims
Eliot Spitzer's Fall from Grace: Reflections from a Feminist Perspective
Police rescues 23 children from sex trade Sex Slavery
The New York Times: The Girls Next Door Women used as sex slaves
Sky news: Nigerian orphan sold into sex slavery
RussiaToday: Russian Girls Trapped in Sex Slave Nightmare
The East African News: African babies being sold into slavery in UK for up to $10,000 Sex slavery on our doorsteps
FoxNews: US pro-wrestler convicted of 8 counts of sex slavery
Jamaica Gleaner News: Child 'wives' - sex slavery illegal and harmful
The Sydney Morning Herald: Children sold into modern-day slavery
Sunday Life: Tragic sex slave sold when baby Parents Sold Girl as Sex Slave
Swedish Weekly News Review: New Plan of Action Against Child Sex Tourism Adopted
BBC News: Comfort Women
The Herald: From China to Latvia, duped women trafficked as sex slaves
America's Most Wanted: Daryl Hannah's Mission: Ending Sex Slavery
BBC NEWS: Japan PM apology on Sex Slaves
BBC NEWS: Prisoners of the Sex Trade
BBC NEWS: All videos on sex slavery
Modern Abolitionists at the U.S. State Department