Thanks to, Journey Film Group and founder/C.E.O, **Michael Cory Davis** we are informed that new technology is making the jobs of sex traffickers easy, a bit too easy in fact. According to the following petition posted by, "Presently there is a nationwide campaign to stop Craigslist for supporting the activities of traffickers by allowing them to advertise on the web site." We will have this petition available to sign every night during our film series, but we have also attached the petition below for people to read. If you would like to print this petition yourself, sign and submit it please visit: Petition for Craigslist.doc.


Activist have many faces from a letter writer that prefers using petitions to an "in-your-face" protester that chooses visibility over all else. We have compiled a list of ways to get involved in stopping sex slavery from the powerful pen pusher to the door knocking activist.

The following ideas are inspired from an array of sites from

1. Create Petitions and get signatures.
2. Just talk! Spreading the word of this issue is powerful by itself. The word of mouth is our best tool!
3. Write a letter to your government officials. Words are mighty and whether you believe it or not, people listen! (SEE LIST OF OFFICIALS BELOW ON THIS PAGE)

4. Be aware of who you support and what their policies are. Some companies may have their hands in sex/human trafficking so do your research and be in the know.
5. Volunteer for organizations that are trying to combat sex/human trafficking. Past slavery battles did not end over night; it was a long and horrific process. This form of modern day slavery needs the same support and attention. Only you have the power to make a difference. I have provided a list of only a few organizations that are fighting the issues of sex/human trafficking.

Please note that Wendy Jenkins, Avina Ross, and The College of William and Mary (including Professor Hilary Marcus) have no affiliation with those entities or websites referenced above, which are provided solely as a courtesy. You should conduct your own independent investigation before donating to any charity or organization. Information is provided for your reference only.

*The following list is from*
  • President
You can e-mail him at: or you can write: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. , Washington, D.C. 20500 or call (202) 456-1414

  • Senators
    Go to:, then click on your state, then click on the senators box. To write to the other senators, you have to start over or click on the “back” button, several times.

  • Congress
To write to your congressperson, go to: and type in your zip code. If you do not know your 9 digit zip, enter the five digits you do know and then click on “go.” It will take you to the U.S. Postal Service site, which will give you the other 4 digits that you need. Write it down, then type in onto your address bar again and fill in the last 4 digits, then click on “go” again. Click on your representative’s name and you will be taken directly to their web site. Then on their web page, click on “Contact,” to get all of their information. Remember to enter their e-mail address into your personal address book on your computer, so that you only have to do this whole process once.

  • State Representatives
To find your state assembly person and state senator, go to:,
then click on “Your Legislature” and type in your zip, then click on “Search.” You will get both your state and your assembly member’s address. Click on your legislator’s name and it will take you directly to your legislator’s web page. Under “Capitol Address” at the bottom, you will find their e-mail address, capitol address, etc. Now put their names in a group and when a state issue comes up, you can e-mail them all at the same time to let them know how you feel.