Pictures say a thousand words but movies give you a thousand pictures. When addressing issues as severe as sex trafficking and sex slavery, giving research results and throwing some links around is just not enough to do what needs to be done to STOP sex slavery. We are bringing a film series to the campus of William and Mary; these films are not accessible to the general public so please be sure to come and watch these documentaries . This is not an issue that we can address in one event over one day and expect results, so we decided to do a film showing every Monday for four weeks.

The dates of the film series are soon to be released but in the meantime the following films are on the list to be shown:


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MONDAY NIGHT'S IN MORTON 220 FROM 7PM - 9PM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
MARCH 24 - Film: Behind Forgotten Eyes
MARCH 31- Cargo: Innocence Lost & Svetlana's Journey (DOUBLE FILM NIGHT)
APRIL 7- Tin Girls
APRIL 14- Sex Slaves

Sex Slaves


A gripping real life story of a man trying to find his wife who was kidnapped, sold and trafficked for sex slavery. To hear more about this film please visit Sex Slaves and Frontline: "Sex Slaves"
To read some amazing reviews and awards for this documentary please go to Associated Producers' Sex Slaves

Cargo: Innocence Lost & Svetlana's Journey - A double film night


"A compelling documentary, Cargo: Innocence Lost, unveils the dark underworld of sex trafficking through compelling interviews with some of the country’s top officials on the subject, victims’ advocates and victims themselves, who were rescued in Texas. Award-winning director and writer, Michael Cory Davis (Svetlana’s Journey, Hollywood Film Festival 2005 winner, best short), makes his second directorial foray into this must-see, thought-provoking film that is interwoven with a raw, intense narrative based on numerous true stories from victims of the sex trade. Cargo: Innocence Lost explores how the business of sex trafficking has become a $9 billion dollar a year industry and why it still remains a shrouded crime in our nation."(

For more information about these compelling films please visit the following sites:

Behind Forgotten Eyes

This film portrays the endless agony and pain that the so-called Comfort Women have endured from being raped up to 50 times a day to begging the Japanese government for forgiveness due to their actions during WWII. This film is sure to touch your soul and hopefully encourage you to join our efforts to stop sex slavery.

Tin Girls

"While shooting Tin Girls, a documentary on sex trafficking produced by Canal Plus Spain, we met Deepa, Bimala, Kalpana and Rita, among many other young survivors. We met them through HimRights, an NGO working to prevent trafficking in South Asia and our local counterpart for the documentary." (Documentary crew)

A film that will not be in our series but is available to rent on DVD now is the movie "Trade". A story of a brother who fights to find his sister before she is sold into the dirty hands of sex slavery. A must see for anyone needing a movie to spark their passion for activism.